Thank you!

Since 30th of june our public beta program has finished. We say thank you to 550 beta tester – you guys are awesome!

After evaluating the feedback of our beta survey, we are working hard on the first release which will be published later this month – so make sure to visit us again.

Although the beta version is no longer available to public, we still provide it on request. Get in touch with us if you would like to use it.

Beta is out now

What it is all about

Evolving Layout helps to overcome the tediousness in all kinds of two dimensional compositions. It generates posters, flyers, visuals, background patterns and much more!

It is a cutting-edge tool to assist you in the process of designing outstanding graphical layouts. Its new approach extends the day-to-day working process of graphic designers.

Evolving Layout includes evolutionary strategies to alter layouts in countless directions, while at the same time provides mechanisms to affect the output.


evolutionary algorithm

Evolutionary algorithms

Simulates the power of natural evolution

Inspiration & development

Different modes to affect the output

Interactive &

Allows setting rules for single page items


Build right into the favorite layout software

User-optimized interface

context menu of evolving layout

Evolving layout features two panels for previewing and saving as well as a contextual menu for preferences and shortcuts.

evolving layout








For extensive information about the functionality and interface options please consult the PDF file included in the download. You can also get it here.

Known issues

  • 01_ Limited to first page
    At this state Evolving Layout is only capable of dealing with one page per document. Trying to evolve contents on any other page than the first one will result in unforeseeable behaviour.
  • 02_ Graphical Interface I
    Under some circumstances InDesign does not display the Evolving Layout panels as intended. This bug tends to appear at the very first start of Evolving Layout. In this case please feel free to drag the panels (main panel and the dock) to fit your need. We recommend the layout shown on the first page of the documentation.
  • 03_ Graphical Interface II
    It may appear that the main panel does not correctly display the variations cutting off some parts. Switching the view to another one and back again will fix the panel.
  • 04_ Supported versions
    Evolving Layout ist currently only available for Mac. Supported versions are InDesign CS6 and CC.