A new approach to algorithm based design

Evolving Layout is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign. It assists graphic designers in designing outstanding layouts like posters, pages, flyers, visuals et cetera. By including evolutionary strategies it generates countless alternatives of a design and thus presents a broad view of available design options.

small but powerful

EL 1 combines powerful functionality with a really simple interface which works much the same way as InDesigns »align« panel. This guarantees easy integration in everyones workflow and is fun to use.

Generating background pattern using the different methods of EL 1.

swap & mutate

There are two fundamental differing methods: swap and mutate. As it suggests swapping interchanges the items characteristics in position and size, while mutating introduces entire new values based on an extensive ruleset. Each method results in a specific kind of output and sure enough can be combined along the process.

Vast possibilites emerging by simply mutating two identical elements in position and size.

Key parameters

EL 1 processes the key parameters of every layout: position and size (of its elements). With altering just these two properties, it is capable of creating whole new compositions and finally push your layouts to different directions.

Selected items

Generally EL 1 uses every page item (or rather a random selection). However it is also capable of respecting your selection. This is very handy to alter just certain page items.


Occasionally items get grouped by eiter location, size or chance and are rearranged as a unit. An Example? EL 1 is able to identify items which are close to each other and increase/decrease its contrast of size.







Why we developed Evolving Layout

»Chance is a powerful tool in creative processes. It's our aim to make this power useable in an easy way.«

Denis Klein, graphic designer and co-founder of Evolving Layout

»To me creating a composition is rarely straightforward. It is more like turning things over and over, until it looks right. That's where EL 1 comes in handy.«

Lisa Reimann, graphic designer

Get EL1

Just send us a note and we shall get back to you with a license key. We stopped to sell EL1 and will continue to offer it for free / no support / and it is only running on CC2017.


About us

We are a small team of Designers and computer scientists passionated about the intersections of our disciplines. Whenever an algorithmic pattern shows up in a designers live, we are getting our hands ready.